‘Palma’ is a solo work exploring weakness, fragility, dignity and defeatism when an individual is in pain. What and where are the limits and differences between these very human states? What happens to the individual when they seek to verbally engage in dialogue about their situation – with an audience? Does this process of trying to engage change anything at all – for the performer herself and for her audience? ‘Palma’ beautifully explores the lengths we go to cover up a sense of failure and at what price we pay for doing so.

Humour can be a very effective strategy to explore the frustration and personal dramas of what its like to be human. Through the lense of humour it’s possible to make an intimate connection with another person and at the same time expose cultural taboos. The individual employing the humour has a paradoxical relationship to themselves and the subject matter they are poking fun at – finding a balancing act between ethics and risk for the humour to be powerful, painful and effective. Humour is a serious business after all.


‘Palma’ exposes the audience to this knife edge between laughing at and laughing with the performer. In this performance the comedic – the light and shade of it – is played out in full view of an audience who becomes through the performance, all too well aware of its opposite.

Production: Cie. Caminante

Coproduction: DT Espacio Escénico - Madrid

Support: Forum Dança PT, Festival ZOA (FR),

Centre National de la Danse Pantin (FR), Teatro El Montacargas (ES)

Length: version courte 15'- version longue 35'

Creation and performance: Ana Paula Gusmao

Sound: Las tres caídas en Campana (captation audio Semana Santa in Sevilla)

Bulerías, palmas y jaleos (musical meter for study)

Lighting Desinger: Artur Pispalhas

Photo: Pablo López – Ana Paula Gusmao


Award: ACT - Duri Korea 2018

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