men's day

‘Two men are on stage. Today it’s their day. It is ‘Men’s Day’. Today they lead; today they decide; today they dance; today they are in control. Today it’s our day and our time because today as self-confident and successful men, we can celebrate the fact that its ‘Mens Day’.

This choreography raises interesting and challenging questions about how the cultural construction of gender differentiation between men and woman, are experienced and understood in our everyday lived experienced.

The work both playfully and seriously explores the interface between currently socially accepted or challenged, natural and socially constructed ways in which men and women occupy physical space and time. How do we recognize and why do we assign certain physical properties as belonging to male or female bodies and identities and to what purpose? Additionally the work seeks to explore how societal preferences compete for authority and control in relation to sex and gender identities. How do dominant views of ‘beauty’ continue to fashion and explore how desire functions and most importantly dictate where power and success is owned and retained – not least in the world of dance and in the artworld/artmarket. So why not increase our chances of visibility and success by being self-confident, in control men?

The work invites the audience to reflect on the complexities of gender performativity through the construction of a dynamic movement based work, through the manipulation of images set to a powerful soundscore that accompanies the piece. The work is playful, serious and disturbing in equal measure.  

Choreography : Maria Montero

Dancers: Manuel Banderilla, Antonio Diego de Lozoya, Ana Paula Gusmao et Maria Montero

Choreography assistant: Nicola Vacca

Sound: Chester Hawkins et Pang

Costumes: Antonio Castro


Production: Cie Caminante

Coproduction: CCN de Roubaix/Ballet du Nord

Support: CCN de Roubaix/Ballet du Nord, FULX Laboratory - Genève, Micadanses - Paris, Festival ZOA- Paris, Teatros del Canal – Madrid, DansCentrumJette – Bruxelles, New Space - Bruxelles, Au Quai – Bruxelles.

Award: Shake...Shake...Shake ! #3 2015.  Ballet du Nord (FR)

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