flash sur un futur proche  

Museum Night Fever Brussels 2017

Water rises, the wave arrives ... but when will it come? What part of us will it erase? And after the rising waters, where will we go to hide?


At the rhythm of the tide, we are propelled into the future and we flee away from the water, like a vital impulse recreated here by choreography and musical creation.


Thanks to an original scenography, the company Caminante proposes a choreography specially designed for the Museum Night Fever, in direct echo with the work of the photographer Carl De Keyzer exposed in the museum. Combining dance, music, video installations and photography, this is a beautiful blend of the arts that Botanique is proud to present!

The music that accompanies the performance is an original composition by Paul Bodelle.

Performance continuously from 7pm to 1am.


High tide: 19:30, 21:00, 22:30, 00:00

Concept: Maria Montero

Dancers: Elise Bruyère, Isabelle Duplan, Sophie Melis et Maria Montero 

Original  Music: Paul Bodelle 

Voice: Alexis Bloch

Scenography: Louise Mekylla Bachir 


Video Creation: Louise Mekylla Bachir, avec Paul - Etienne Luca à la photographie

Production: Cie Caminante

Coproduction: Botanique - Bruxelles et Museum Night Fever 2017 - Bruxelles

Support: Botanique - Bruxelles et Artisans de l'Art

© 2019  by Compagnie Caminante.