dance and go. peeps' fast show
Museum Night Fever Brussels 2016

"Dance and Go. Peeps' Fast Show" is a Fast Foot Contemporary Dance Restaurant.


The public forms small groups (from 3 people to the maximum capacity of the room per show), they choose the ingredients they want to have in their show (type of music, duration, costumes of dancers, type of dance ... ), They take something to eat ... and they enjoy their personalized show!


Professional dancer-waitresses will make you feel at home in their mouth-watering, yet cozy, contemporary restaurant.

You order it, the kitchen prepares it, you like it and you leave. It's so simple!

Concept: Maria Montero and Boris Van Lierde

Dancers: Alba Vergne, Julia Aragonès, Isabelle Duplan, Sophie Melis et Maria Montero 


Hostess: Esther Marin

Costumes: Pepa Paloma 

Scenography: Maria Montero


Technical assistant: Hicham El Hamouri

Photo: Thibault Gregoire and Boris Van Lierde

Production: Cie Caminante

Coproduction: Musée des Instruments de Musique - Bruxelles, Museum Night Fever 2016 - Bruxelles and KissKissBankBank.

Support: Musée des Instruments de Musique - Bruxelles, Collectif Au Quai - Bruxelles,